Bite Sized Answers

Video series concept.


These are proof-of-concept videos for a series Clif Bar considered pursuing called Bite-Sized Answers, which would illuminate responses to questions people might have about Clif Bars.

Production involved taking storyboards developed in-house at Clif, bringing them to life in motion, and supervising a voice-over recording session to capture narration.

Although they never became more than what you see here, they're a testament to Clif's willingness to try something simply because they think it might be fun and useful. They were definitely fun to work on.

Project Info


Clif Bar


Video editing
Motion graphics
Color grade
Voice-over recording
Audio mix

What's In a Clif Bar?

The first video in the series takes a dive beyond the surface to look at the ingredients and health benefits locked inside Clif Bars.

What's In a Clif Bar?

Concept Video

Snacking on the Go

Concept Video

Snacking on the Go

The second video takes a more informative approach, describing the various types of energy and snack bars on offer from Clif.

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