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A gorgeous, versatile image library, created from scratch for Luna

A detailed look at how we crafted a creative asset library for Luna Bar, consisting of lifestyle, product, and iso flatlay images to serve as a point of transition for their brand.



Creative direction
Presentation design
Producing services
Production design
Art direction


Producing services
Creative direction
Lifestyle photography
Product photography
Iso flatlay photography
Food styling
Hair and makeup


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File handling
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Luna came to us wanting to create an image library they could use for the coming two years to create social posts and marketing materials that would solidify their brand’s style and unify its aesthetic across touch points.

They had a broad idea of where they wanted to take the brand visually in the coming years–which was a departure from the style they’d developed until that point–and a rough idea of the deliverables they thought they’d need to craft the transition.

Our task became turning their broad strokes into something concrete, and designing a path forward, which included concepting various lifestyle and product scenes, and executing the creation of images that would become part of their brand library.

Up to that point, Luna relied heavily on influencer and user generated content to fill gaps in their social feeds. This was great for social proof, but not for consistency of aesthetic.

They also wanted to focus their marketing more towards holistic wellness and savoring small moments, but they didn’t want the look and feel of their brand to change completely overnight, so it was important the imagery we created could drive toward this new focus while fitting in with their existing brand image.


We landed on an asset library concept that would involve three facets–lifestyle images, product images, and iso flatlay images.

We put together a pre-production deck outlining the nuts and bolts of what the asset library would consist of, and detailed references for the look and feel of props, locations, and talent.

For the lifestyle images, we planned a photo shoot at a private location that could serve as multiple real-world locations.

The product images would be shot over two days in a studio, and would use many of the same props as the lifestyle shoot to evoke the same look and feel.

The iso flatlay images would be shot on a second set alongside the product shoot, consisting of individual props and products shot on a flat grey surface that can be separated out and used to create whatever scenes the Luna team wanted to create. The finished comps created using these elements are basically collages that look like real-life scenes.


We set out to ease the pain of Luna’s brand team by creating a full-featured asset library that reflected their aesthetics and core values.

Over the course of the shoot, we captured lifestyle and product imagery of the highest quality, while making sure our ideas were in line with Luna’s vision by bringing them along step-by-step throughout the production.

The result is an image library infused with Luna’s signature style, and versatile enough to be used for the next two years and beyond.

And a bonus–no more struggling to direct influencers or trying to manage social feeds that feel disjointed or random, creating a more cohesive and consistent brand image across platforms.

Many thanks to the amazing Luna creative team, our brilliant photographers, Maren Caruso and Deb Leal, our steadfast partner, K8C Studio, and the rest of the cast and crew who made this all possible.

Builders Relaunch

Coffee Collection

Renew Life Gummies

Luna Prebiotics

Luna Prebiotics

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Julia Mitchell, Creative Program Manager, Clif Bar & Co.

Builders Relaunch

Coffee Collection

Luna Prebiotics

Luna Prebiotics

Luna Prebiotics

Coffee Collection

Builders Relaunch


Mackenzie Mathis

Producing, creative direction

Kate Chuang

Concept design, creative direction

Ashley Andrews

Art direction

Susie Brockley

Project management

David Weber

Location management

Deb Leal

Lifestyle photography

Maren Caruso

Product photography

Sarah Guido

Prop styling

Alicia Deal

Food styling, iso flatlay photography

Katie Sugarman

Wardrobe styling

Josie Rodriguez

Key make-up

Dan Juenemann

Lifestyle lighting

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