20 Years of Films

Video campaign assets for Lunafest's 20th anniversary.

A breakdown of our approach to crafting a memorable marketing campaign for one of the popular film festival's final runs.



Creative direction
Presentation design
Producing services
Production design/art direction


Producing services
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Lunafest launched in 2001 as the world’s first all-women traveling film festival, meant to elevate a diverse set of women filmmakers and to shine a spotlight on stories that bring us closer together. 

For the festival’s 20th anniversary, Luna wanted to do something special, so they reached out to us to develop a marketing campaign that would highlight the landmark occasion properly.

Our biggest challenge wasn’t getting the word out, since Lunafest already had a global reach. The challenge would be giving the festival’s marketing campaign a properly posh aesthetic fit for the occasion, on a very short timeline. 

Luna knew they wanted outside help to give their campaign the right look, but they were considering a number of agencies to take on the task.

By the time we had the project locked, the festival was just around the corner and we had to switch things into high gear to make sure we could finalize the long list of deliverables on time and at our usual high standards.


Our list of deliverables included a video trailer for the festival itself, showcasing clips from that year’s films, a hero 20th anniversary video recounting Lunafest's history, an intro video featuring festival co-founder, Kit Crawford, to be played on opening night, and a series of social videos to promote the event online.

We'd also be developing custom logo animations and end cards the main video assets would all share.

We planned and executed a location shoot to record Kit Crawford’s introductory message, and a voice-over recording session to capture narration for the hero video.

Some of the elements involved a wait time–digitizing Lunafest films from years past, and getting the animated logos and end cards through the approvals process at Luna.

By the time these outliers were ready to go, we had the rest of the assets near completion, waiting for them to be inserted.

It all came together at the last minute, but without a hitch.


The festival went off without incident, despite the Covid restrictions in place at the time. The promotional and social campaigns helped get the word out and highlighted the unique voices of the chosen filmmakers and their projects, all while elevating the overall presentation from years past. 

Lunafest 20th Anniversary

Commemorative Video


Festival Teaser Video

We didn't know it at the time, but after Lunafest's 21st festival, it was put on indefinite hiatus. We're truly thankful to have played a part in one of this iconic festival's final runs.

We couldn’t have done this without the tireless efforts of Luna’s creative team and our own partners who came together flawlessly to turn a bunch of puzzle pieces into a cohesive whole that truly does represent the quality and values of the brand.


Opening Night Video
"Our go-to agency"
Axes is our go-to agency for a full range of video and production projects. They consistently deliver top-notch quality work and are a reliable, collaborative partner–like an extension of our internal creative team. They bring a calm, positive attitude to everything we work on together, and I know I can rely on them to solve any challenges that come up while always delivering on time and on budget.
Julia Mitchell, Creative Program Manager, Clif Bar & Co.


Mackenzie Mathis

Production supervision, video post-production

Ashley Andrews

Art direction, concept design, social strategy

Maranda Tam

World-building, graphic design

Kate Chuang

Illustration, graphic design

Maureen Chan-Lay

Project management

Brindl Markle

Original music

Rob Cornell

3D animation

Serena Wong

Video editing

Alex Reeves

Voice-over recording

Mary Faith Tomlinson

Voice talent

Dan Juenemann

Location lighting

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